1. Beautiful photos! :)

    Photo Master · Aug 30, 02:33 PM · #

  2. Really enjoyed the details of “Frank”. Wish that I could have participated in that long day of hill climbs.

    Sure have missed Thai dinners on State Street.

    I’ve never lived so vicariously through one’s blog….you guys have done a fine job on reporting the details that I really enjoy.


    — Stacy Moon · Aug 30, 05:07 PM · #

  3. i am so confused, (8^o
    you are in Cork Ireland
    and writing about Ohio
    Have i missed something,
    like an Atlantic crossing at some point ?

    — Kim Fortner · Aug 30, 08:19 PM · #

  4. Who is this Photo Master? I am grateful for the compliment.

    Thanks for the encouragement, Stacy. It’s makes it much more fun to write when one knows they have an audience! Hope you and Alice are well.

    Kim, we’re way behind but we’re also making a strong effort to catch up. Luckily there is not much to say about England. Just kidding 8). Sort of.

    Andrew Leese · Sep 1, 08:17 AM · #

  5. I’m a critic.

    Photo Master · Sep 1, 08:32 AM · #

  6. Not much to see ?
    When in England how about
    cycling to Glastonbury Abbey ?
    Earliest Christian settlement in England.
    Steeped in legend,
    Joseph of Aramethia brought
    the child Jesus with him to Glastonbury
    and site of the holy graile.
    Visit SSPX chapel, Our Lady of Glastonbury,
    located in Tauton.
    Continue cycling to Alesford Abbey.
    Site where BVM gave St. Simon Stock
    the brown scapular.
    Happy cycling /:^o

    — Kim Fortner · Sep 2, 07:03 AM · #

  7. Thanks for the tips, Kim. I’ll see if we can hit some of those spots on the way out. Let’s just say our first impression of CYCLING in England was less than spectacular. Too much traffic and so many inconsiderate motorists. Stay tuned for a more detailed account…

    Andrew Leese · Sep 2, 10:28 AM · #

  8. I too am impressed with Frank and hope you meet many more like him. God Bless him and you two.
    A lass from CC just arrive at Servi Domini to help out with the orphans. Lord willing she will still be there way off in the distant future when you two arrive…a familiar face from home would be nice about that time, wouldn’t it?
    God Speed to you both!
    Sincerely, C

    — C · Sep 3, 08:52 AM · #

  9. Hmmm, someone we know? Now I’m curious. That’s great to hear, in any event!

    Andrew Leese · Sep 3, 02:28 PM · #

  10. I forgot to mention that I can’t take credit for all of the photos. The good ones are Randall’s doing, for the record.

    Andrew Leese · Sep 7, 11:08 AM · #

  11. Hey there,

    Just wondering how you are doing with your cause.

    Hope all is good. Thanks for the plug.


    Carl Richard Kosko · Sep 8, 10:33 AM · #

  12. Hey Carl,

    We’re raising money at some churches around Ireland at the moment. I believe we are nearly at $25,000 total to date, but that’s not an official number! I’m trying to work on my French language ability so that we can do some fundraising in France but I have to admit that I have a learning difficulty with foreign languages.

    Hope you’re having a good summer!

    Andrew Leese · Sep 11, 06:23 AM · #

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