1. You guys are awesome. What a great adventure. Enjoy every word of your blog and the pictures are tremendous. Thanks for sharing.

    Chris Sandvig · Sep 2, 07:34 PM · #

  2. SAVOUR and DO NOT RUSH your adventure….it appears you’re rushing thru, far too fast! Take some time out, and fit IN. Either, your wonderful, courageous folks, taught you how to convey your impressions, emotions and perspective VERY WELL, or, Whidbey High earned it’s fees! We truly enjoy the vicarious pleasure of your adventure…like National Geo on two wheels!!! Pburgh and NY: don’t those two make you appreciate, and long for, the PNW, and certainly WI, WA?!!? Looking forward to a long evening of tales and photos at Useless Bay, when you return…remember to S-A-V-O-U-R!!! M&R Honeymoon Bay

    — Marilyn and Robert · Sep 6, 09:01 PM · #

  3. Flattery never hurts…thanks all! I think that I can speak for both of us when I remark that our dear mother must be given most of the credit if in fact we have claim to any talent or education since she taught us at home for most of our lives.

    Unfortunitely the last bit of the USA was rushed through in order to make our flight. You can be assured that we are now in full “savor mode”.

    Andrew Leese · Sep 7, 11:15 AM · #

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