1. I love it!!! Excellent description of city and people…amazing pics! Takes me right back to when I was in Paris in 1994/5? Can’t say I had the easiest time, but happy to see you are taking it all in, and fairing better!

    — Stephanie · Sep 8, 07:50 PM · #

  2. How delightful! This brings back wonderful memories of when I was in Paris in October/November 2008.
    Did you get to visit Saint-Nicolas-du-Chardonnet in the Latin quarter of Paris?

    Paris is a beautiful old city and I’m sure you both loved it. Looks like you got to do a lot of sightseeing as well!
    Best wishes for continued safe travels!

    Rachel W. · Sep 14, 11:28 AM · #

  3. Yes, went to St Nicolas for mass on a couple of occasions but not until I returned to the city from the south. A lovely church, indeed!

    Andrew Leese · Sep 15, 03:24 AM · #

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