1. Great to meet you yesterday. I wish you both well in your exertions over the next couple of years. I will be following you via the blog. Take care.

    Gerard Brady

    Gerard · Sep 14, 04:47 AM · #

  2. “…it took me several minutes to summon the courage to ask an airport janitor “Ou sont les toilette?”…” – I can relate!

    Those baguettes sure come in handy for travel – it’s funny to see them tucked alone in the pouches of knapsacks, backpacks, and bags aboard a Parisian biker.
    Great pictures!

    Rachel W. · Sep 14, 11:35 AM · #

  3. We notice your excellent eye and taste for delicious food! Everytime we open a new blog, we always feel hungry after reading it. :) How about some more historic and religious pics? Anyway, — glad to know that you’ve made it to Dublin! Please give our hellos from KS to Fr. Angles and Fr. Gallagher! We hope that they are doing well. Please keep kiddo #3 in your prayers…

    — DJ and JD in KS · Sep 15, 07:12 AM · #

  4. Glad to know you are in Athlone… Give my regards to all the great friends and to the prior!!

    — Fr. Couture · Sep 15, 07:50 PM · #

  5. The pleasure is ours, Gerard! Thank you again for your hospitality.

    DJ + JD: You’re right — more visually nutritious and edifying food is in order! We will strive to satisfy the need for higher things—though less titillating—than the crusty baguette or odd bottle of inexpensive, but sumptuous wine!
    as my stomach grumbles…

    Fr. Couture,
    Fathers Loschi and Nicholas were extremely hospitable and very kind. We enjoyed our stay, and the parishioners were very generous, as well. We’ll pass your regards on to all of them through Fr. Briere, as we’re at the Priory in Dun Laoghaire (Dublin) at present: staying through Sunday.

    Randall Leese · Sep 16, 08:22 AM · #

  6. Oh, I went to Mass in Dun Laoghaire! (back in the summer of 2004) There was a procession after Mass and some very kind parishioners shared their lunch with me including tea and cakes. I understand the use of food to describe the experience. It is relevant and something one generally remembers, just like the grueling physical experiences. That is why Pilgrimages have such an impact on us….I think. I am catching up reading the blog, I haven’t checked it in quite some time. I am really enjoying it.
    Must get back to catching up on the blog…

    — Laura · Oct 13, 07:40 PM · #

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