1. Bonjour Randall! I think the blog was wonderful! I really like the pictures! your loving sister Emma

    — Emma leese · Sep 20, 01:59 PM · #

  2. Merci, merci, ma soeur!
    I am glad!

    Randall · Sep 20, 02:58 PM · #

  3. keep pedaling randall. glad you are enjoying paris and all the food and wine the city has to offer. your park narative reminded me of something….


    — gabriel · Sep 24, 07:59 AM · #

  4. Hey Randall – if you’re reading this – maybe it’s not too late to make a Paris connection… I have a dear American friend in Paris… maybe a good meal and a comfy bed await you. Email me and I’ll provide details. You are missed here on beautiful Whidbey Island.

    leslie larch · Sep 25, 11:14 PM · #

  5. It sounds like you have French blood in you… You may never want to leave Paris… But remember the reason for your journey…remember the orphans…

    — Laura · Oct 13, 07:55 PM · #

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