1. Wow – that’s bravery – climbing up and then sleeping upon a haystack!

    Nice pics.

    Rachel W · Oct 7, 04:15 PM · #

  2. We so enjoy reading about your adventures. Sounds like you two are having a wonderful time! I plan to share your latest adventures at the Daughters’ meeting on Saturday. Prayers continue…
    Love, Jeff and DeAnn Olson, Freeland WA

    — Jeff and DeAnn Olson · Oct 8, 01:42 PM · #

  3. It took awhile to finally be caught up in reading all of your blogs. Really, after spending a few days in the hospital room and staring at blah painted walls and equipment, reading about your adventures and looking through the beautiful pics have been refreshing to the worn-out mind and puffy eyes. Thanks for your prayers… and we pray for you too… please welcome into the world, our little princess, Teresita-Marie Majella. Please give our hellos to our dear priests in London.

    — DJ and JD in KS · Oct 8, 10:44 PM · #

  4. Yes, I agree Stonehenge is somewhat of a disappointment… you are not the first to say so…The haystack, er, I mean hayhenge was much more impressive. O I can sympathize with the ferry ride to Rosslare Harbor. A friend and I tried that Feb of 2008 and it was very rough…we were both seasick. Somehow Ireland was very rewarding for that experience…tho I will never try to ferry across in the winter again…

    — Laura · Oct 13, 08:19 PM · #

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