1. Very nice pics as usual! Thanks for including a fundraising thermometer on the website. We have been curious how much you’ve raised already. So what would 25 grand in US Dollars buy for the orphans in India at this point if you were to give them the money now?..It would be interesting to know…just so we your readers would have some idea and appreciation…

    — DJ and JDT in KS · Nov 6, 12:12 PM · #

  2. Video! Oh my! Looking forward to it.

    Beautiful photos, enticing commentary… Sounds like “a jolly tour”!

    Rachel W. · Nov 6, 06:13 PM · #

  3. DJ and JDT – That’s a great question and I plan to answer it in detail in the coming months. However, we have a lot of administrative details within the organization to attend to for the moment and these will take priority!

    Rachel – Thanks for the encouragement! I think you will like the video when it starts to trickle onto the site.

    Andrew Leese · Nov 11, 02:39 AM · #

  4. Egg, sausages and chips ,
    that’s a bit of all right!

    — Kim M. Fortner · Nov 14, 02:51 AM · #

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