1. So envious of you both on the Camino! If you get the chance you should visit Samos, it’s a Benedictine Monastery, I think it’s in/near Sarria in Galicia, really beautiful and pilgrims can stay there, a slight detour from the official route but very much worth it.
    Best wishes,

    — Monica · Nov 23, 03:35 AM · #

  2. Thanks for the tip, Monica! Definitely enjoying almost every moment of the Camino so far. ‘Twas a bit cold today….Burrrrrgos!

    Andrew Leese · Nov 23, 10:57 AM · #

  3. Wonderful to read more of your travels and see all of the great photos.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Rachel W. · Nov 26, 07:05 AM · #

  4. Hi guys. Regards from Pamplona from Sergio, Leire and aldo Shiva… How are you┬┐ Have you see the snow? I hope you are in a safe and comfortable house, not in the road, jejeje.
    Kisses and hugs.

    sergio · Dec 1, 12:23 PM · #

  5. Gracias for the complements, Rachel, and a Merry Thanksgiving to you as well!

    Hey Sergio, we did get into a little snow on one of the passes but live to tell about it. The albergues have made the pilgrimage so much more enjoyable…it’s been great to have a place to thaw the bones after a brutally cold ride in the Castile. I have just arrived in Santiago. Miss you guys! Thanks for the awesome hospitality in Pamplona!

    Andrew Leese · Dec 4, 01:08 PM · #

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