1. “…stuck my thumb out, and tried hard to look sane and friendly.”

    :D Aha ha!

    Wonderful new blog post – a very enjoyable read! May you safely meet the awaiting world.
    God bless!

    Rachel W. · Dec 1, 06:40 PM · #

  2. Hi guys. Regards from Pamplona from Sergio, Leire and aldo Shiva… How are you¿ Have you see the snow? I hope you are in a safe and comfortable house, not in the road, jejeje.
    Kisses and hugs.

    — sergio rey · Dec 3, 11:49 AM · #

  3. Thanks for the great comment and well-wishes, Rachel! We’ll try to stay safe, but no guarantees.

    Sergio! Great to hear from you. Thanks again for a truly enjoyable stay in Pamplona. We just arrived in Santiago today after several very snowy passes and much rain—wet, but content.
    Besos a todos!

    Randall · Dec 5, 03:26 AM · #

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