1. And I thought it was bad walking it in the July sun! I think the guide books say only crazy people do the camino after October! You will both find now that for the rest of your lives any time you see a yellow arrow you will have the urge to follow it.
    Hope all keeps going well and that you manage a happy, holy and restful Christmas.
    Best wishes,

    — Monica · Dec 19, 10:16 AM · #

  2. Dear Andrew and Randal-
    Wishing you a Blessed and very Merry Christmas!
    May our Infant Savior bless you now and always.
    Stay safe in your journeys…

    Rachel W. · Dec 21, 07:05 AM · #

  3. Dear Andrew and Randal

    happy Christmas

    haim and the family

    — haim bar · Dec 22, 01:24 PM · #

  4. Dearest Randall and Andrew: Wishing you Peace filled with Love & may many Blessings surround you as you continue to show your compassion for others. Merry Christmas! Always, Susan

    — Susan Knapp · Dec 24, 11:52 PM · #

  5. Hey kids!! Merry Christmas! We missed you at Christmas dinner at grandma’s but I guess you are busy. Keep air in your tires and grease on your chain!

    — Cousin Josh · Dec 25, 10:05 PM · #

  6. Wishing you both a Blessed Christmas …
    hope you spent it in a warm, cozy, family orientated surrounding with a roaring fire going!! Thinking of you
    Marian and all the children (Edinburgh)

    — Marian Guest · Dec 26, 03:20 AM · #

  7. Merry Christmas! We shall drink to your health and a successful journey. God Bless,
    The DeLisles

    — Jim DeLisle · Dec 27, 06:48 PM · #

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