1. Wow… the powerful fragrance of the incense must have lifted your spirits (and with much relief and a big DEO GRATIAS) when you finally reached Compostela after such a tough journey.

    — DJ and JDT in KS · Jan 15, 01:18 PM · #

  2. Worthless GPS!! ;-)

    So sorry to hear about all of your trials along the way of the hard (& wet) portion of your trip — you are in my thoughts and prayers… and frequent checking of the blog!

    Beautiful photos – thank you for sharing.

    Rachel W · Jan 16, 01:30 PM · #

  3. Is it mean to have laughed at this? btw Its very warm in India ;)

    — Monica · Jan 17, 09:12 AM · #

  4. Why does it seem that Randall gets into all the trouble spots? Does Andrew just not tell his tales of woe, or is Randall just more accident prone???

    — Laura · Jan 17, 08:52 PM · #

  5. Laura: maybe it’s just the younger brother’s plight? Pardon me if I think it’s rather cute… It always seems to be that way with brothers. ;-)

    Best wishes (and of course prayers) for a continued safe journey, Leese brothers!

    Rachel W · Jan 18, 05:13 PM · #

  6. Yes, confound that GPS!

    I admit, I’m a tad bit more reckless than Andrew, but life’s simply more fun that way!

    Randall and his Ego · Jan 20, 03:46 AM · #

  7. Coming from Randall’s younger sisters, yes, Randall is the proverbial youngest brother in the fairy tale, slaying his proverbial dragons and sometimes falling prey to misfortune, but always managing to land on his feet and rescue the damsel in distress in the end.
    That’s not say that the more stolid older brother Andrew isn’t charmingly dashing in his own way, though. Just a little more cautious.

    lady katybird & miss maria isabelle · Jan 20, 12:33 PM · #

  8. Only give me armour, a sword, for goodness’ sake, and I’ll hack every last proverbial dragon into the littlest of proverbial pieces!

    The Proverbial Youngest Brother · Jan 21, 02:06 PM · #

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