1. Hello!!! Do you came to Lleida?

    — maria · Mar 4, 11:11 AM · #

  2. Hi Maria, no we do not have plans to visit Lleida. We intend to ride up the coast to Barcelona, then continue on to France. Sorry 8)

    Andrew · Mar 4, 02:19 PM · #

  3. Hi Andrew and Randal, Did your Mom told you about your Great Grandma,“Nana” went to Morocco, she visited her
    son, Jules, and I think this was in 1970’s. I do have some of her slides that she took in Morocco. I hope to make a video of her slides for the family, but do not know when I will get to do it.
    Take Care, Have a happy Patrick’s Day.
    With Love,

    — Sally · Mar 6, 11:14 AM · #

  4. Hi Sally, it would be wonderful to see those slides. I hope we get a chance upon return!

    All the best,


    Andrew Leese · Mar 13, 02:27 AM · #

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