1. Dear Andrew and Randall,

    The Germans would like to see you! I have been presenting the missions of Asia in our chapels in Bavaria this last week, and spoke of the orphanage and its cycling-supporters! Beautiful churches, if ever you are tempted by the Barock! Can you give me a rough estimate of your itinerary through Europe and timing? If you stop in Lourdes, pray for us! The priory is 1 route de Pau, accross from the Grotto upon the hill. God bless. Fr DC

    — Fr Couture · Mar 13, 02:05 AM · #

  2. Hello Father, we are now officially rolling out of Europe and will miss out on Germany and Switzerland, to my great dismay! To be on track for the Khunjerab Pass (4,500m or 15,000 ft!) on the Karakoram in September we need to be moving east PRONTO.

    Next will be a quick run through Italy, then ferry to Greece, then on through Turkey and the Caucasus with a brief side trip to the Holy Land if we can afford the time, then through Central Asia (the “Stans”) and down into India. I hope to be in Pakistan by mid September and India in October.

    The other option would be to extend the trip for another year and spend more time in all of these places. But I doubt that my personal finances are up to the task!!

    Andrew Leese · Mar 13, 02:35 AM · #

  3. and what about Russia? =)

    — Nastia · Mar 13, 07:41 AM · #

  4. Russia…It doesn’t look too easy at this point, though I would love to visit! We have about 9000 km to ride in 6 months and adding the Black Sea Coast portion that we had originally planned seems impossible. Maybe you could ride with us through Kazakhstan? We would appreciate the company!!

    Andrew Leese · Mar 13, 12:26 PM · #

  5. Kazahstan? mm.. it’s would be dangerous for a young blond girl..))
    maybe Ukrain? I’ll be there in may.exactly in Krim(that’s a part of Ukrain, coast of the Dead sea)

    — Nastia · Mar 13, 02:00 PM · #

  6. OK. A group of asians, with myself, will be in Milan-Turin-Padua and further South next May 17-20 if ever you are still in the area. But at your speed, you could be in athens or Istanbul by that time! May our lady of Loreto watch over you!

    — Fr Couture · Mar 16, 02:49 AM · #

  7. No, sorry, won’t be hitting Ukraine either. We plan to ride from northern Turkey through Georgia and Azerbaijan and take a ferry to Kazakhstan. I think it is very safe there for just about anyone, it’s just very empty and probably boring to ride!

    In mid may I will hopefully be in Syria, Lebanon or Jordan. Wish I could join you though! Turin is on my list for sometime in the distant future.

    Andrew Leese · Mar 16, 07:59 AM · #

  8. Hello there, bikers and Fr.Couture — We just received the latest “Apostle” newsletter and were surprised to see the bikers picture there so soon, and we’re enjoying the other articles regarding the Asia missions. We always look forward to the amusing captions under the candids. (Who composes them, anyway?) Fr. Couture, you are right… the pictures on this website can really make one jealous! We’re praying for you and Asia still… We are truly amazed.

    — DJ and JDT in KS · Mar 16, 08:07 AM · #

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