1. Andrew and Randall, It was a blessing opening up my email this morning and receiving this post from you. Blessed Easter to you two, too! I can’t begin to imagine what you have gone through thus far in one year. The prospect that yet another one or two lies ahead has to be daunting. It is only with God’s grace and strength that you have endured so far. You two certainly are fighting the good fight and racing the good race. You will be blessed beyond measure when you hit the finish line! You remain in my prayers as I follow your journey on your beautiful blogs, descriptions and pictures.

    Grace and Peace,

    — LeRoy · Apr 5, 08:46 AM · #

  2. Congrats on finishing a full year of cycling! Rome — what a great place to be! …can’t wait to see the pics from there. Little J still asks, “Where are the bikers now, Mama?” It’s a great starter for a lil’ geography lesson. Please remember us in your prayers as we still remember you in ours. Happy Easter!

    — DJ and JDT in KS · Apr 5, 08:59 AM · #

  3. happey birthday!!!

    when you come to israel? you need something in israel when you arrived?
    god bless you.
    we reed all the posts.

    haim bar

    — haim bar · Apr 5, 12:42 PM · #

  4. Randall,
    Your trip sounds amazing so far. Keep up the good work.
    Also, you mentioned you need things carried home? I am in Florence, Italy and will not be flying home until June 1st, but what exactly do you need to go home?

    (I don’t know if you remember me, you were in our dance classes.)

    Twyla Dill · Apr 5, 01:15 PM · #

  5. Greetings, all! Glad to feel your love.

    In regard to the questions:

    Haim, I for one plan to be in Israel in May, maybe the 3rd or 4th week of the month. Which part of the country do you live in? I would love to meet up! Also, what do you know about boats from Haifa to Turkey or Cyprus? That is my plan if it can be done.

    Twyla, I believe Randall has contacted you. Hope that we can meet up for coffee in Florence!

    Andrew Leese · Apr 7, 12:49 AM · #

  6. Great to get the update and see you are still going strong, maybe on your third anniversary we’ll see you in the land down under. A happy belated Easter! God Bless.

    — Alison Haxell · Apr 8, 03:31 AM · #

  7. hi andrew+randall

    i send you privet email

    — haim bar · Apr 8, 05:07 AM · #

  8. send to me empty email/

    — haim bar · Apr 8, 08:10 AM · #

  9. Happy birthday!!!
    I’ll wait 4 u in Napoli…
    See you soon

    — fralange · Apr 8, 09:55 AM · #

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