1. I have a question: how do you secure your bikes and trailers during the nights ‘under the stars’? Have you foreseen the case where you will wake up bikeless?
    I pray the angels that it will not happen!
    God bless!
    Fr DC

    — Fr. Couture · Apr 12, 06:14 AM · #

  2. When a twig snaps in the night, or the tent flutters, or my imagination twitches with the tread of thieves — hands bolt to the tent zipper!

    We normally just tie some tent-tassels onto the bikes and hope for the best. Still riding, still hoping. Thanks for the prayers, Father!

    Randall Leese · Apr 12, 09:43 AM · #

  3. Hopefully you still have the St. Benedict medals packed in your equipment….maybe tape one to your laptop? Through this saint’s intercession, you can be protected from robbery, fire, as well as other dangers. (I’m sure he implies that you use your common sense.)

    — DJ and JDT in KS · Apr 12, 03:26 PM · #

  4. “Trust in God, but tie your camel.”
    -Another Arabian proverb

    Andrew Leese · Apr 13, 04:08 AM · #

  5. Lately, reading your posts takes my emotions to very high highs and then to very low lows. Your adventures are getting awfully close to the edge for me. You two are VERY BRAVE young men! Prayers DO help and you have mine continually. Keep strong and those POSITIVE attitudes you have. You will at last look back on these beautiful times you’ve had for the orphan kids.


    — LeRoy · Apr 26, 09:00 PM · #

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