1. I believe you are now in Israel. The consulate advised American citizens to be “on alert for possible road blockages, demonstrations and protests,” adding that US citizens “should specially use caution in places with large Arab populations, including Umm el Fahem, Acre, Jaffa, Haifa, East Jerusalem and Jerusalem’s Old City. Demonstrations are likely in various West Bank cities as well as in Gaza.”

    Just thought I would pass this message along boys.
    Be safe.

    Mrs. Virgil Blanton · Jun 2, 12:24 PM · #

  2. to mrs. virgil blanton

    i dont know who are you but the big problem now is the drivers not the arab.
    randall and andrew visit in jerusalem and beit lecem and hevron and no problem.
    most of scerd is on the news.
    dont worry.

    haim bar

    — haim bar · Jun 3, 05:51 AM · #

  3. Hello both of you!! Yes, we are fine and have visited some Palestinian territories, including Jericho, and the people have been as hospitable and friendly as we have come to expect from the Arabs in all of the countries we have visited. As tourists (and we are visibly tourists—the backpacks or luggage trailers are a dead giveaway!!) we have nothing to be concerned about in these places.

    As Haim so aptly pointed out, the drivers are our only real safety concern…the Israelis have a bad reputation for their behavior behind the wheel and they are aware of it. However, in my opinion they are a little better than the Syrians. 8)

    Andrew Leese · Jun 3, 11:15 AM · #

  4. “God bless the bikers…” the words of our little ones every morning and night prayers. Currently we are reading about the Apostles during storytime. They know that you have been to hallowed ground.

    — DJ and JDT in KS · Jun 4, 08:53 AM · #

  5. Haim, thank you very much for the assurances.

    Mrs. Virgil Blanton · Jun 5, 07:30 AM · #

  6. hi virgil
    yesterday me and randall and andrew eat tugeder falafel among a lot of young arabs in nazaret and no body tell us something bed and they give us a lot of help.
    sorrey but where you live?


    — haim bar · Jun 5, 08:17 AM · #

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