1. thanks randall!
    you look like a good person and good host
    buty fhotos

    — haim bar · Jun 13, 01:44 PM · #

  2. Thanks Haim for the kind words, i hope one day you’ll have a time to visit Istanbul. And we’ll have a chance to meet.

    It was just a great pleasure to meet with brothers.

    — mustafa · Jun 14, 04:23 AM · #

  3. I’m sitting in Sister’s office just had a full day of reading and prep supervision and yet another meal of rice. Nine days in and I’m already finding rice three times a day a bit much and then Andrew, I read about your grasshoppers. Thank you so much for teaching me appreciation for the food I don’t have to scavenge!

    — Monica · Jun 14, 07:33 AM · #

  4. mustafa:
    i visit in 98 in Istanbul and it was great visit.
    Unfortunately the Politicians from Both sides
    of our countries make a stupaid things.
    i simple man and i am looking at you like a good person.
    i hope one day we meet in istanbul or in karmiel

    — haim bar · Jun 17, 12:29 PM · #

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