1. so buty. so poem.
    so sory we dont have peace Agreement with syria.
    randall: you write so preaty. I’ll be happy to read your article about israel (without andrew’s artical).
    i will send you fhotos from fauzia Lunch.

    — haim bar · Jun 16, 10:59 PM · #

  2. …“without Andrew’s article”?

    — Andrew Leese · Jun 17, 11:57 PM · #

  3. no.
    i I’ll be happy if both of you write about israel
    but i’m “afraid “ is your turn (i lern something).
    but Thankfully you have a lot to writh about israel. by the way: you recive my fhotos yesterday?
    how it is your stay in jorden?


    — haim bar · Jun 18, 02:37 AM · #

  4. now i understud my “haimglish”:

    without andrew’s artical =
    andrew article+randall article.

    now you understend, andrew?

    — haim bar · Jun 18, 07:13 AM · #

  5. I think after over two weeks, his understanding of Israeli humor is still slightly imperfect :)

    Jordan is a fine place for a stopover. It was interesting riding from Manhattan-like Tel Aviv over the course of the day into the third world bustle of Amman—such a contrast!

    Miss your family and the manifold comforts of Israel!


    P.S. I so hapy we still have haimglish. ;)

    — Randallo · Jun 18, 08:16 AM · #

  6. now you realy understend about my speeking about one week in israel it is not Enough time!

    — haim bar · Jun 18, 09:42 AM · #

  7. Dear Andrew and Randall,
    We were filled with delight as we spotted the Beautiful Madonna behind your friend Grigory. We have a particular devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows and have a statue of this particular image sitting at our entrance. Hence our family will remember Grigory in our daily Rosary. What a delight to have a co-admirer in Syria!
    WE all really enjoy your colorful writing…keep it up! I use it for some of the kids geography lessons!


    — S and C · Jun 19, 08:09 AM · #

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