1. thank you!
    My heart pounding now. (haimglish?)

    — haim bar · Jun 23, 01:19 PM · #

  2. I sent you a private mail :)

    Thank You turned us part of the journey
    You are unique people
    Love & Kisses & Health & Peace
    See you soon …

    — Michal.R.Bar · Jun 23, 10:16 PM · #

  3. Thanks, you two, for making it such a memorable time in your little country. It was tough to leave…but I’m sure we’ll be back someday.

    I’m getting all teary-eyed. ;)

    — Andrew Leese · Jun 24, 12:13 AM · #

  4. Very nice. wellcome to Israel. you have a geographicale mistake – Jericko is not a part of Palestine it is all ISRAEL. But it is claimes to be Paletinien and I srael gave it up for peace (…. a worng idea)…

    hope you will come again.

    — Eyal · Jun 24, 07:39 AM · #

  5. אייל
    בבקשה שלח לי מייל פרטי.
    אני חייב להגיד לך משהו שלא במסגרת זו.



    — haim bar · Jun 24, 09:24 AM · #

  6. my email:

    — haim bar · Jun 24, 09:29 AM · #

  7. Eyal, I see your point, but Jericho, to my knowledge, is officially in the West Bank and is a Palestinian Territory. As for the West Bank being an autonomous region…well… officialism aside, things are more ambiguous. Per my experience it is at least nominally autonomous but (de facto) under the care or broad control of the Israeli state. Tell me if I’m wrong, but it looks like both you and I are correct when the situation is viewed in the two different contexts.

    — Andrew Leese · Jun 25, 12:32 AM · #

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