1. Thanks!
    About Fauzia: It’s my thought. Not knowing. I think we should think of her that really she would not receive payment
    The truth is that in retrospect of my acquaintance,Fauzia story really refused because of your journey.

    — haim bar · Jun 28, 06:34 AM · #

  2. I agree wholeheartedly, Haim. Although I wouldn’t put such an excellent trick past Froyke, having had a little experience of his character, it seems that Fauzia’s kind intentions were beyond a doubt. Anyway, I will remember her with gratitude, and as the woman, who, by the dictum “[Good] food is the key to a man’s heart,” I should now consider myself hopelessly in love with :)

    — Randall · Jun 28, 11:26 PM · #

  3. Thanks for the writing!
    sometime, through a visitor’s eyes, you get a new dimension on the land you’ve lived in all your life…
    amazing journey, and writing.

    — ido mazor · Jul 1, 09:37 PM · #

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