1. Thank God that you have a friend like Mustafa!
    Disheartening to read your post this time.
    Hope that next week will be much better for you.


    — haim bar · Jul 11, 12:13 PM · #

  2. Beautiful pictures as always. Glad that you guys are having such a wonderful trip. What an adventure!

    Chris Sandvig · Jul 11, 02:22 PM · #

  3. I too, have many a story about Turkish customs… Seems like you will be there for a while! Sorry we couldn’t connect before my friends were off to Turkey. It seems like there is some strange fate keeping you in Istanbul for the moment. Please enjoy it for me! Have a cup of tea on the Bosphorus in Kadikoy, a fish dinner in Sariyer, go out for drinks in Bebek or Beyoglu… okay stop me. :) The list goes on and on. I hope you find as many hidden away enchanting places as I have over the years there. Give a ring when you get back to the island. Would love to hear more about your adventures.

    Rebecca Blankinship · Jul 13, 01:12 PM · #

  4. Glad you like the photos…we’ll keep them coming!

    We finally left Istanbul for the Black Sea since our visas are nearly expired, empty handed in regard to the said gear. Amazing scenery and tough roads lie ahead but the water is great for swimming.

    I’ll miss Istanbul and our friends there very much!

    — Andrew Leese · Jul 16, 12:05 AM · #

  5. we can see the gps move after 3 weeks.

    — haim bar · Jul 16, 12:56 AM · #

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