1. Dear Andrew, gorgeous photographs,
    Smells, tastes, experiences, sounds, smiles, ups and downs
    Muscles aching all words over the Internet as if we’re with you!
    Keep yourself and your younger brother:) …

    As always missssssssssssssssssss

    Love & prayers & hugs & kisses


    — Michal.R.B · Aug 18, 02:26 AM · #

  2. I am so jealous. Incredible journey. Keep your RPM’s up!

    Justin F · Aug 28, 04:03 PM · #

  3. Two great men,travelling the beauty… May the wind be with you… :)

    — Mertcan · Aug 28, 10:48 PM · #

  4. Hello there,

    Great work you boys have been doing. Just wondering if you will be coming through New Zealand?



    — John Ferguson · Sep 15, 09:24 PM · #

  5. Wat up Cuz’s?!
    Miss you guys big time and am SO very proud of ya!!! Keep it up, hang tight and come home safe! I’ve got MAJOR respect for what you are doing— I know how tough it is to be so far from home for so long. We are all prayin’ for you!
    Love you,
    P.S. Did I mention I am majorly jealous?:)

    — Natalie · Sep 21, 10:27 PM · #

  6. Thanks again for the encouragement, all of you!!

    John: I really can’t say. I plan to tour Japan in Spring 2012 and New Zealand would come afterward. I doubt I will have any money left by then!!

    — Andrew Leese · Sep 22, 05:54 AM · #

  7. Well if you were to make it to New Zealand the traditionals here would take care of you. :)

    Small country so wouldn’t be hard to see you around it for next to nothing.


    — John · Sep 24, 01:45 AM · #

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