1. great work!!! i am a keen mountain bike rider and am v.v. jealous of you. you must ride across Australia. keep riding and making me jealouser. JOEY

    — joey · Sep 28, 09:46 PM · #

  2. Andrew and Randall, Just to let you know that I’m still very much into your blogs and pictures. Your journey is more and more intriguing and totally grabs my attention!! I’m praying for your continued strength and faith in what you are doing. God bless and keep you safe and strong as you travel.
    waiting for a GOOD haircut!

    — LeRoy Galley · Oct 11, 03:28 PM · #

  3. Cheers, guys!

    Joey, we’ll do our best to indulge you. We’ve just arrived in Kashgar, China, but hope to cycle Australia in the not-too-distant future (that is, if we have any money left by the time we get there!) Otherwise, definitely on round two! Keep riding.

    LeRoy, thanks for the encouragement! We’ve had some pretty wild adventures since Georgia, so if we manage to find internet access at least a few more times over the next 10,000 clicks or so, we’ll do our best to hold your attention :)
    Meanwhile, I’ll make sure Andrew keeps his shears sharp for Bellingham Barber Redux…

    More soon!

    Randall · Oct 17, 02:06 AM · #

  4. helloy is gorgia

    — zaza · Nov 4, 10:51 PM · #

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