1. “God bless the bikers,” the little ones still pray every morning and evening…as they follow you in their minds and hearts on your journey.

    — DJ and JDT in KS · Nov 9, 01:20 PM · #

  2. 2. The Blogs are wonderful. Wish I was experiencing some of your adventure first hand, but second will just have to do. The Melon Stand is precious! What a joy it must be to find in what appears almost a NO MANS LAND! Sorry to say, but that picture does much more for me than than the huge edifaces called churches and cathedrals. Maybe they ought to put a melon stand outside of every church or cathedral! Keep up the good work. May your trip down the Korakoram be gentle, smooth and safe.
    P.S. Just curious, the Prepping Something by the Tombs Picture has an alcohol stove in it, that cannot be one of the originals sent along on your original journy could it? Love Dad

    — Pa (Dad) · Nov 10, 04:36 PM · #

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