1. Dear Randall and Andrew, Bravo, you are in India! Will you make it to the orphanage by Christmas? I will be there early January. See you then and there! God bless and may the Angels be with you.

    — Fr Couture · Nov 28, 06:18 PM · #

  2. Dear Fr. Couture,
    We will be at the orphanage by Christmas and looking forward to seeing you there. God bless,

    Randall · Nov 30, 05:51 AM · #

  3. Randall, do you have an idea of the main cities you will cycle through on your way to Palayamkottai? Hyderabad? Tirrupati, Madras? We do have contacts – therefore a good bed, shower, etc… (well, in the Indian way…) in some of these places, just in case. May the Angels be with you.

    — Fr Couture · Dec 4, 02:05 AM · #

  4. Father Couture, in order to arrive at the orphanage by Christmas, we’re catching a train from Delhi to Kochi later this week. From Kochi we’ll take a pretty direct route to Palayankottai. However I hope we will have more than one opportunity to avail ourselves of your kind offer when we cycle Northward sometime in the next six months. God bless

    Randall · Dec 4, 11:40 PM · #

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