1. Thank you for this rendition.The descriptions of your travels could fill a book,lightly edited from multiple points of view.
    Keep on keeping on!

    — Cameron Talbot · Dec 7, 06:38 PM · #

  2. A great post! We lived in Tajikistan 95-96 during the civil war and still have friends in Dushanbe. I remember the sheep dogs…whose ears, tail and lips are slashed off as puppies the better to fight wolves with….

    — Fred Lundahl · Dec 8, 04:23 PM · #

  3. Cheers! More to come soon…

    Fred, that’s gruesome. I was under the impression that the carnage was only a result of infighting. There were definitely hunks of fir and skin missing from other parts of their head as well…Perhaps from wolf encounters…? Maybe wild camping wasn’t such a good idea!

    — Andrew Leese · Dec 13, 11:07 PM · #

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