1. Hey guys,

    I’ve been watching and reading and just finished getting caught up with your journey as of late. You both are the envy…to experience life around the world at a level most will never get a chance to.

    I look forward to your eventual return. In the meantime…adventures await.

    Take care,


    — Doug Curtiss · Jan 6, 10:57 AM · #

  2. Hi Doug, I’m really glad you’re following our little journey. It has been—and continues to be—the experience of a lifetime, thanks in part to your workmanship on our sturdy CURTLO bikes. I’m sure that any inferior bicycle wouldn’t be up to the task (i.e. punishment)!!

    We both look forward to bicycling to the Methow Valley to meet you and see your shop when we get back in 2012. I’d love to shred a few lines of singletrack while there!!

    — Andrew Leese · Jan 7, 10:21 PM · #

  3. “Take my picture”?! I’d have to agree with the ‘daft’ assesment. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    — Monica · Jan 11, 01:56 PM · #

  4. Are your sisters there yet???

    — Cameron Talbot · Jan 12, 05:59 PM · #

  5. Cheers, Monica. Looking forward to it.

    Cameron: our sisters arrived in Delhi last night. They arrive in the South on 22 January after a short Northern tour with Andrew

    Randall · Jan 12, 09:05 PM · #

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