1. Well, Andrew, I am still reading your posts and growing more and more concerned for the safety of you two. I am thrilled reading your escapades and the photos are wonderful. This is just to let you know that you may not get a lot of replies, you are being followed and prayed over by a lot of people!! I’m not sure of how current to real time your posts are. Where are you today..2-19-2011? Blessings,

    — LEROY · Feb 19, 12:52 PM · #

  2. Greetings, Leroy, from India. We got behind on our blog posts back in the ‘Stans and have not yet managed to get caught up, so you’re reading about our trip through Pakistan that happened in late November. We’ve been at the orphanage since Christmas but we don’t want to skip ahead in the story quite yet…

    — Andrew Leese · Feb 20, 04:55 AM · #

  3. Awesome Post Andrew, I have been very much looking forward to yours and Randall write up and pic’s on this section of your ride. How many of those long tail boats they have swamped or sunk one can only wonder! To bad you can not bring one of those Pakistani bus’s back here to Whidbey, would love to see one work the Island (maybe Island Transit can order one up!). Take care, love Dad

    — Dad · Feb 24, 04:31 PM · #

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