1. splendid blog Andrew, the baseball game sounded very exiting as well as your farewell. with much love & prayers, Emma

    — Emma · May 29, 02:47 PM · #

  2. I found your website in Favorites while going over the hundreds of Favorites I have saved. You stayed with us many moons ago when you and your brother were in north central Kansas. I was quite surprised and pleased to find you were still actively on your journey and had indeed been in India working. Fascinating blog! I will certainly check in more often.

    — Lynda Huffer · May 31, 02:52 PM · #

  3. Andrew, you could become a travel journalist after this trip ;P Very interesting to learn what you’re up to. I missed something about Randall- is he staying in India? Have a good onward journey! I still hope for another ride in the Pacific Northwest! ;) Cheers from Austria,

    — Andrew Pearce · Jun 2, 11:57 AM · #

  4. Andrew…inspiring and amazing journey. Kudos to you both and keep it rolling. Wonderful to hear and see the adventure unfolding before you. Gleaning wisdom and world experience is truly priceless and is your legacy…forever. Nice work. Charlie

    Charlie · Jun 2, 12:55 PM · #

  5. All – thanks for warm encouragement!

    Andrew – yes, Randall is going to do another 6 month shift in India following a couple of months of travel in SE Asia.

    — Andrew · Jun 7, 12:33 AM · #

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