1. Darn it Andrew, your making me drool with those food portrayals and photos, but keep them coming, they are a delight! On the wild Lychee trees, are there ever any ripe fruit for the picking? Please load a small barge of nice twenty foot bamboo logs and send them on home, we can go into the bamboo bicycle, and bamboo boat/canoe/strip kayak (and probably many othere things) manufacturing business. Don’t know about your other readers, but more and more, after hearing of your love affair with this country, the beckoning call to travel there, becomes harder and harder to resist! Love Dad

    — Dad · Jun 18, 01:13 PM · #

  2. Not wanting to doubt your truthfullness I have to belive that the country is as Utopian as you describe it, next time I travel I have to book Thailand with nothing horrible (such as exercise) to do when I’m there. Monica

    — Monica · Jun 21, 08:42 AM · #

  3. Hi andrew, Looks like you are doing well its great to follow your travels thru the blog keep it up. The people and food there seem amazing.

    — steve iblings · Jun 26, 09:03 AM · #

  4. I’ve done a little bike touring with my brother and I’ve been following your blog since the very beginning of the trip. Then this last week I’m chatting with my friend Jeff at church here in Bellingham and he’s telling me about his visit to Thailand. Wait, what? Small world.

    Brian Russell · Jun 28, 01:08 PM · #

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