1. Ahhh! Great photos!

    — Randall · Aug 8, 05:41 AM · #

  2. I’ve always tried to imagine the locales and peoples along the Silk Road. Beautiful.

    Thanks for the evocative photos (and rich descriptions) in your travelogue!

    — Jordan Viray · Aug 8, 11:21 AM · #

  3. Hello, Andrew, remember an old fellow parishoner from Edmonds? Ran across an interview with you and Randall on La Porte Latine today and have been reading through your blog with interest and delight. Congratulations on a job well done! Union of Prayer. P. S. You and Randall are very good writers!

    — Marci Vigil · Aug 9, 11:23 PM · #

  4. …enjoying your writeups as usual…. and the kids still pray everyday, “God bless the bikers.” I must say, God certainly granted you with the gift of adaptable stomachs and high endurance. Have you ever thought of making a published photo journal to be sold as an ongoing fundraiser? You guys have a great eye for noticing God’s beauty in the world, great and small.
    PS: number 4 on the way

    — DJ and JDT in KS · Aug 12, 08:11 AM · #

  5. Just my periodic checking in comment. Daily check to see what new adventure you are describing and photographing. I’m amazed and uplifted by God’s hand in all you two are doing.
    Blessings and God speed,

    — LeRoy · Aug 12, 09:15 AM · #

  6. Congratulations DJ and JDT! Andrew and I have spoken of publishing a photo journal — maybe a coffee table book, and perhaps a series of calendars and postcards. What do you think? Feasible?

    Thanks, all, for keeping up on the blog!

    Andrew will undoubtedly get back to each of you if/when he has internet access again. Cheers!

    — Randall · Aug 12, 10:29 PM · #

  7. And…I’m back. First of all, you continue to motivate me to keep this blog up with your encouragement. Thank you so very much, all! I don’t feel like I’m just throwing this content out into empty space when I receive so many heartfelt comments.

    Marci, I’m very glad you found us! And, DJ and JD, congrats on #4!

    My best wishes to you all!!

    — Andrew · Aug 14, 02:36 AM · #

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