1. I hate to laugh at the suffering of others but that was hilarious. Great costume by the way; it’s surprising to see lustrous and ornate clothing in such a stark land.

    — Jordan Viray · Aug 13, 11:11 AM · #

  2. Hi Andrew…. I’m amazed at your journey. I don’t know what to say other than I hope you are still well and safe! Melissa sends her love. Will are going to pray our Rosary for you tonight. Miss you. Simon

    Simon · Aug 13, 10:07 PM · #

  3. Still well and safe, and ready to provide more humor (after time has tempered these experiences in my memory I also get a chuckle or two!).

    There’s more to come…!

    — Andrew · Aug 14, 02:40 AM · #

  4. I think you are perhaps the bravest gent I’ve met Andrew and that’s not because of the daring feats past border control.Take care!

    — Monica · Aug 16, 10:23 AM · #

  5. Wow! what an adventure!!!!

    — steve iblings · Aug 24, 10:50 AM · #

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