1. Greetings Andrew! Just a note of encouragement. It was standing room only at Randall’s slideshow presentation here at Corpus Christi Chapel. The wide eyes, oohs and aahs, especially from the children inspired dreams of their own adventures to be sure. The brothers Leese are certainly true modern day heroes who not only deserve National Geographic status (says Father Johnson), but a status of a higher nature where Crusaders for a cause continue today. Thank you for your wonderful example for our young men and women. Remember what St. Francis de Sales said: “Serve God where you are… have courage to cultivate this vineyard…consider as temptation everything that will be suggested to you regarding changing your place; because as long as your spirit looks elsewhere than where you are, it will never apply itself rightly to profiting from where you are.”

    Mrs. M Blanton · Oct 5, 07:29 AM · #

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