1. Hey, it was nice you’ve had a great time with Chen family, huh? take care, my friend

    WENCAN · Oct 24, 07:09 PM · #

  2. Lovely photos Andrew. Safe travels.

    michelle · Oct 25, 10:19 AM · #

  3. Correct, I had a super time with the Chen family in Guyang. Thanks again for connecting us, Wencan!

    More lovely photos to come…!

    — Andrew Leese · Oct 25, 07:28 PM · #

  4. Well, Andrew, I do hope that you and Randall will stop by St. Paul during the “Victory Tour” I have heard about. Father Webber is our current pastor, and many of us would be delighted to hear your stories and would serve you and Randall a Victor’s Dinner that might even rival the quality of your favorite foreign cuisines. Be assured that the prayers of my sister and I, and surely all of your friends from our dear home parish, follow you no matter where you are.

    — Marci Vigil · Oct 29, 07:03 PM · #

  5. Marci, if we still have the momentum when I get back, you’re on!

    — Andrew Leese · Oct 30, 01:15 AM · #

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