1. Your travel journal makes for fascinating reading. What’s after Shanghai? Stay safe and healthy.

    — Bill Swahlen · Mar 31, 02:10 PM · #

  2. Great photos! Thanks for the update. And yes, your adventures will ALWAYS be interesting! More, please!

    — Rachel W · Apr 1, 05:28 PM · #

  3. As always, wonderful photos. Glad to hear you were able to do a full Ignatian.

    Any photos of the Mekong? Eagerly awaiting your future entries.

    — Jordan Viray · Apr 4, 10:46 PM · #

  4. No, sorry, no Mekong photos. I don’t have a single photo from the four months previous to this post because my camera died shortly after leaving China in the fall and I didn’t get a new one until I visited Hong Kong recently.

    No worries, I’ll try to put another post together soon. I have plenty of photos!

    — Andrew Leese · Apr 4, 11:27 PM · #

  5. Amazing journey and eloquent writing. Thank you for sharing!

    Question: is there a way to view your postings chronologically?

    — Chris Sandvig · Apr 10, 07:00 PM · #

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