1. [Response from comment on previous post:] Hi Chris, I’m sorry but at the moment one can only go through the posts counter-chronologically. Maybe I will try to add a more flexible viewing mechanism in the future.

    — Andrew Leese · May 9, 09:55 PM · #

  2. That’s not fair… so starving when see the photo of the noodle with ham and chicken claw at midnight.You always meet nice guys on the road.Wish u good trip to Seoul!

    — Bella · May 10, 08:24 AM · #

  3. Any photos of the newly constructed ghost town and the police station? I’ve seen photos of the infamous city of “Ordos” but was under the impression that such clearly excessive construction was atypical.

    Anyway, that’s some contrast, from a dirty coal town to a maglev, and from an ancient landscape to the Bund! Can’t wait for the slide show when you get back stateside!

    Also, surprising that people eat hot dogs in China. I like hot dogs and all but would choose Chinese 9 times out of 10. The other time is when I’m getting served a foot.

    — Jordan · May 12, 01:20 AM · #

  4. Sorry, no photos. It would be hard to capture the eeriness in a photo, anyway. As far as police stations, I did take a photo of one once but it came out poorly. If caught photographing something like a police station in China I’m of the opinion that a foreigner would find himself in an interrogation room under suspicion of being a spy.

    Hotdogs in some form or another appear to be have universal appeal. :)

    — Andrew Leese · May 14, 12:36 AM · #

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