1. Congrats on your return! “God bless the bikers…,” the little ones pray.

    — DJ and JDTJ of KS · Jul 7, 02:43 PM · #

  2. So are pet dogs common in Korea? You’d think it’d be harder to eat them if lots of people had an emotional attachment to dogs.

    Any link to the KING5 video?

    Also, of all the countries you visited, which one did you find had the least faith in the power of government and bureaucrats to shape society? Similarly, which was the least oppressive?

    — Jordan Viray · Jul 13, 11:28 AM · #

  3. Thanks JDTJ! Miss you guys.

    I remember them being pretty common, but they’re more of a practical pet rather than a member of the family like they are in the USA.

    King5 Video

    “…least faith in government…”— probably Thailand, where it seams like they have a military coup every three years.
    “…least oppressive”—Ditto, but would also say that Portugal, Japan, S. Korea, Turkey and quite a few others are not very oppressive as far as I can tell. I would not say that the USA or Canada are not oppressive because their heavy taxation of the middle class and over-regulation.

    — Andrew Leese · Jul 13, 01:52 PM · #

  4. Thanks for the video. Hope the donations start pouring in!

    As for the Thais, I guess that’s the advantage of military government; people are able to see the self-serving and coercive nature of bureaucrats and other state officials a lot more clearly than in the USA or Canada where the threats of violence and incarceration in order to confiscate the wealth of peaceful people is done under the guise and sanction of “democracy” and “equality”.

    Whoops, didn’t mean to get too political but I guess it’s unavoidable when looking at North and South Korea.

    — Jordan Viray · Jul 13, 02:46 PM · #

  5. I am glad that you seem to have had a good time in Korea (We’ve met it the subway station in Seoul). By the way, you are a very insightful photographer. You deserve a good rest. Congratulations, again.

    Elson Park · Jul 15, 06:45 PM · #

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