1. Dear “Your Benevolent Condescension”,
    Looking forward to the Smorgaasbord Sunday. Really like the fuzzy hat…where’d you get it?
    Our hats are off to you two for what you are doing for the Orphans.
    I have sent your sight to our whole email list…all 10 of them!
    May OLG watch over you both.

    — Mrs. M · Mar 17, 12:29 PM · #

  2. Dear Your Benevolence,
    I am merely commenting to see if the comments go through on to the comment page. I imagine it is mainly because of my being follically handicapped…(I am VERY blonde) but then again it may be a glitch. Said I would try a few times and see how the blog worked. If this goes through…something went right! Sincerely, C

    — C · Mar 23, 07:44 PM · #

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