1. Hi guys:
    Your sister Katie told me about your honorable efforts and the ride when I met her at the sheep shearing course she is taking. She suggested I look up the site and I’m very glad I did. Congratulations on trying to make a positive difference for the children in India and I wish you every success to achive your noble goals.

    Stay safe and may your journey be fruitful.

    — Grant · Apr 7, 08:02 PM · #

  2. Hey brothas,
    Been following your blog. Better you than me for some of the misery you’ve experienced. Fortunately humans don’t rember pain well or at least not vividly. I continue to worry about your trip through the “stans”. Fred Lundahl, ,who has the rug store in Langley was foreign service in that part of the world for 30 years and is willing to consult with you. Of course your best info will come from traverlers who have reciently passed through that part of the world. From what I know of the ares (mostly from living in India for 2 1/2 years) the problem is getting through Tortugart Pass in Kyrgysten, Kunjerab Pass in China and the Kyber Pass in Pakistan before they get bad for the winter. That balanced against avoiding the Monsoon in Northern India (Sept-Oct) and the super hot season in the “stans” and Northern India (May-Sept) is a logistical dilema.
    If it’s hard for you to reshearch climate data, I’m willing to do some of that for you, just ask for specific data and I will do what I can. The American embassy should be consulted about personal saftey. They will of course be conservative in their recomendations.
    Fred said that you should have all of your visas before leaving Europe. He also suggested finding out the location of all the U.S. consulates in citys you will visit and perhaps checking in with them as you pass through.
    It’s fun to follow your adventures so keep bloggin and spinnin.


    — Blake from The Clyde · Jan 13, 04:06 PM · #

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