1. There are times when ya gotta laugh or you’ll cry….in case you were crying at the time, I assure you many are now laughing while reading this account of your mis-adventures! Thanks for the lift of the spirit.

    — C · Apr 16, 11:49 AM · #

  2. +
    Dear Andrew and Randle, Finally, I figured out how to tap into your web site, to get a peek of where you are and what you’re up to. Your visit with us was such a blessing. You both forged a place in our hearts. We’re always saying, “Wonder where the guys are, and have they arrived to somewhere safe?” You are continually in our prayers. Press on. God bless you. Fondly,

    — The Clifford Clan · Apr 18, 11:18 AM · #

  3. Yeeks you guys! Why don’t you punt that GPS and just get a plain old fashioned MAP????

    Good luck getting to Oregon, stay on 101 and you won’t get lost!

    — Jenn from BHam · Apr 19, 08:59 PM · #

  4. It’s true, and I know well, that difficult situations can cause negative thinking and attitudes. But don’t give in because it will hurt your health. Staying positive is staying alive….

    Wayne and Rochelle · Apr 20, 10:13 AM · #

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