1. Hi boys! We love to read of your adventures. We know it is tiring to write after such long and hard journeys; but know that there are many who follow you. And the more that follow you, the more often you are remembered and receive our prayers. Not to worry, all is good at home and faithful friends keep watch.

    — Misty and Virgil · May 6, 09:59 PM · #

  2. Hey Guys it was nice meeting you at the shop. Hopefully everything is holding up and you are back on the road. Good luck on the rest of your journey we have spread the word around about you guys to a few different places. Best of luck to ya.


    Kevin · May 8, 07:41 PM · #

  3. Hey guys, hope the trip is going well. This is Charles, I met y’all at the retreat. Come visit us in Sanford, Florida. Y’all are more than welcome to stay at my apartment, I have two beds for the both of you to sleep in. Good luck with the rest of your trip.

    God bless,

    — Charles Kessler · May 9, 06:01 PM · #

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