1. Hi fellas!!

    I was just writing your mum and sisters a note (and the kitties were tucking in a mother’s day card for their mother kitty sarah).

    This was my first visit to your web site—WOW! did you guys create/design it yourselves? if so, you have some serious skills!! and i love the blog. great writing and wonderful photos. what a wonderful journey you’re on…

    blessed be! you have lots of prayers following your every push of the pedal.

    — Sarah O'Farrell · May 13, 08:09 AM · #

  2. Also, I don’t know if you will be in San Francisco or Oakland at all during your trip? Sounds like you are currently in the vicinity but I wasn’t sure which direction you are traveling. if so, don’t hesitate to call and we would love to house you for a night and feed you! We live in North Oakland by Berkeley.

    call me at 650-521-1671


    — Sarah O'Farrell · May 13, 08:11 AM · #

  3. Hi Lads:
    I am so jealous. I think the fates wanted me to go with you. I then would have settled for the 10 flat tires instead of the shattered hip socket I recieved as an unwanted gift in a Passover (but quite gentile as in goyim ) soccer match. So I stump around on crutches and read of your travels. You will be interested in the oil fields near McKittrick, but perhaps only mildly, like, hmm so that’s where Tri-Flow comes from. On the bike shop in Carpenteria the sign reads “Oil Addiction Treament Center”. But you guys are long ago recovered. We are super proud of you, and I dream of joining you, in the words of Rocky “as soon as I am able”.

    — glenn jones · May 13, 09:18 PM · #

  4. Hi Andrew,

    Wonderful blog! I enjoy reading about your trip. What an tremendous adventure. Makes me thing that I should do a tour.

    Happy pedaling!

    Chris Sandvig · May 14, 05:29 PM · #

  5. Thank you all for the compliments. I did much of the website building and Randall contributed some of the graphics. We owe a lot of credit to Michael Stadler and Hannah Waul of Whidbey Island for the smashing promotional photography!

    Missed those oil fields. Darn. And Randall lost his TriFlow, too……..!

    Andrew Leese · May 21, 11:34 AM · #

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