1. Love reading about your adventure, though I doubt that the goats were actually in the pond.

    — Terry Clayton · May 21, 08:23 AM · #

  2. Ahh, but they were! Amphibious, hybrid fish-goats, you know?? The missing link: found in Quail Springs.

    Haha, I hope you all will forgive my typos and ambiguities.

    Andrew Leese · May 21, 11:27 AM · #

  3. I love “Spokanesque” as an adjective for landscapes. Can this new word also be applied to the spokes of your wheels, as in
    “my rear wheel was developing some spokanesque issues?”

    — Roger Tippy · May 22, 09:21 AM · #

  4. We are actually working on a dictionary for our readers. It might be called “Cycle Tourist Slang” or “Translation Manual for the Blather of the Brothers Leese”. Any ideas from our loyal fan-base could prove helpful.

    Andrew Leese · May 25, 10:55 AM · #

  5. Are you going across Australia???

    — Jo · May 4, 10:59 PM · #

  6. We might go across Australia if we have any money left after Japan!! And New Zealand, would be a hoot, too.

    — Andrew Leese · Jun 14, 11:55 PM · #

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