1. Wow! Can’t imagine cycling in such heat. And you have the energy to take beautiful pictures of your adventure!

    Forge ahead. May tailwinds propel your journey.

    Chris Sandvig · May 22, 07:33 PM · #

  2. Hey dude, hope the stay at our hotel in Flagstaff was a great one, I well keeping pray for your trip and the funds you need.

    King’s House Hotel/Church Host

    PS…May St. Christopher watch over you

    — Michael Halliwell · May 22, 07:47 PM · #

  3. Andrew and Randall,
    We are praying for you guys and always look forward to reading about your adventures!

    Andrew, I have an old fanny pack that has your name on it! You will never lose your wallet again!

    Keep the faith guys,


    Jeff Caldwell · Jun 7, 07:04 AM · #

  4. Way to go guys! I am loving your blog, pics, everything!! What an inspiring journey.

    Candice Burt Daignault · Jun 24, 08:26 PM · #

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