1. Sedona sounds fascinating …
    Were magic crystals, fairies and mythical creatures
    located in same area as possible
    spill from cycle, was sun shinning
    directly overhead ,
    was helmet firmly attached while
    operating cycle ? LOL =D
    Happy cycling !

    — Kim Fortner · Jun 16, 07:42 AM · #

  2. Relieved to hear from you guys! I was behind because somehow I missed the June 11th blog. Was beginning to worry about your safety. Beautiful! photography.
    Your trip is sooo interesting to follow.

    The Best & Blessings,

    — LEROY GALLEY · Jun 16, 11:52 AM · #

  3. Thank you for this fabulous posting! I was getting worried about you guys, too. Try, if you can, to post a little more often – please? I love your style of writing, and your photographs are awesome. What you’re doing is so awesome. Keep up the good work and God bless you.

    — Linda W · Jun 16, 01:55 PM · #

  4. Your stories of Sedona are wonderful. Great pictures. Glad that you had a fun time. Happy pedaling!


    Chris Sandvig · Jun 16, 04:52 PM · #

  5. Thanks so much for sharing your travels! Love reading your witty retelling of adventures. Beautiful pictures, you must be having some great experiences!
    When are you coming by New Jersey/ New York? :-)
    God bless and stay safe out there,

    Rachel W. · Jun 16, 05:33 PM · #

  6. Hi Guys,
    I am happy you were able to stay with Brian and Ann Blue. They hosted most of Nancy Thompson’s river rafting trip in 2007 and put up with all of our boating gear in the front yard! What GREAT folks. Thanks for entertaining us with your writing and keep those wheels turning! Your postings are full of stories of good hearted people out there.

    Take care,

    — Vivian · Jun 16, 07:44 PM · #

  7. Yes, sorry many times over for the lapse in postings. We have been going gangbusters on the miles and the fundraising and have not had a lot of time! We’ll try to update at least once per week henceforth.

    Randall and I are going to fly from NYC to Paris on July 13th. We will arrive in the NYC area the Friday previous (7/10) with some providence.

    Andrew Leese · Jun 17, 10:10 AM · #

  8. Howdy boys! Glad you found the magic of Sedona. I was hoping that Randle might remember the helicopter flight off the Mesa in Sedona several years back with Michael and I. Sedona may just be the highlight for you guys as not only one of the prettiest places in Arizona, but maybe the most awesome and prettiest place in the world. Glad you had this chance to enjoy it. Love Dad

    — Gerry Leese (Dad) · Jun 29, 06:07 PM · #

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