1. Thanks, boys, for letting us all share this adventure with you. It’s been a blast so far. May you enjoy nothing but tailwinds across the upper Midwest. I’ll sing La Marseilles for you on Bastille Day (still remember the words 45 years after that French class). lynn & blake

    — the willefords · Jun 25, 02:22 PM · #

  2. Great adventure and you’re not even out of the country yet. Enjoy reading your stories. Best of luck!

    Chris Sandvig · Jun 28, 04:02 PM · #

  3. Nice, I’m glad we are able to entertain. Stay tuned for our adventures in Middle America!

    Andrew Leese · Jun 28, 08:21 PM · #

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures with us…it’s soooooo interesting! We’re praying for you :)

    — Torres Family · Jul 4, 08:31 AM · #

  5. Randell,

    I’ve got stories about Tuba City I can tell you when you get home. The 2 of you are in our thoughts.

    The Beard family of Whidbey Island

    — Thomas Beard · Aug 31, 01:51 PM · #

  6. I just sorta came across your blog surfing the www. Your brief mention about Kneel Down Bread was enough to read, lo and behold there is my aunt selling the bread. We have a face book group at:

    Look us up, and yeah, wise decision not to ride after dark.

    — Steve · Oct 11, 07:30 PM · #

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