1. Thanks for the update! Can’t wait to hear about this next leg-in Europe! Saw your Mom in UBCC, told her that you two are constantly in our thoughts and prayers!

    Your Whidbey Island home

    — mari campbell · Jul 16, 07:34 AM · #

  2. So happy to see this new update. You both are such good writers and are having such a great adventure that you can only imagine my frustration when checking in (nearly every day) to read about the latest episode and adventure and find nothing posted. Argh!

    Love the image of Andrew riding through the herd of cattle — and poor Randall with the bruises and welts from the pelting of hail!

    Keep up the good work, guys. Vaya con Dios.

    — Linda W · Jul 16, 08:07 AM · #

  3. Great to hear the latest. Finally figured out how to see your route on Google Earth. Wish you were making a movie documentary of your travels. It would be a great story to watch, as well as read! God Speed, brothers.


    — LeRoy · Jul 21, 10:52 PM · #

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