1. A forewarning, dear reader: France, I’m afraid, is going to be one long rant on the scarcity of internet and my laptop’s periodic epileptic fits! Rage and impatience, by Jupiter!

    Sebastien · Aug 11, 10:59 AM · #

  2. Dear Adventurers!,
    I wonder if readers from other parts of the world are wondering at the exotic creatures you are encountering on your trip across….“Wisconsin”. Sounds exotic does it not? Huge birds and Bovines!! Bovines munching grass in their patures. Bovines the size of, well the size of cows!
    Take care and have a good day!
    C and family from Edmonds

    — C · Aug 11, 11:34 AM · #

  3. Yes, can you imagine? I aver that I’ve seen more interesting creatures (including the Amish) along the U.S. network than anywhere else in my travels!

    Randall (a.k.a. "Seb") · Aug 12, 08:55 AM · #

  4. I really like how you guys have broke down the stats…….can you put number of arguments and number of wins/losses?

    — Stacy Moon · Aug 12, 05:07 PM · #

  5. Oh man, you’re asking a lot! We’ll try to crunch some numbers but be prepared for the inconceivable!

    Andrew Leese · Aug 13, 08:25 AM · #

  6. We are constantly amazed that you can keep up with your good humor despite everything you’ve been through…well, I guess, laughing or crying… you use the same muscles… and then there’s the break and the surge to face more. Keep it up, you guys! Little J still thinks about you both, especially with his new bike helmet on!

    — DJ and JD in KS · Aug 13, 02:05 PM · #

  7. Ay yi yi… I want to know what happens next! You are now in France, a place of fond….though distant memories for me. Probably the more fond because the more distant. But a wonderful country as you are finding out. Adventures and meeting new people around every turn… What a pligrimage… What an experience… Keep up the posts. Wonderful photographs.

    — Laura · Aug 15, 08:48 PM · #

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