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Randall's GhostAnother thing people commonly ask us is what type of bicycles we plan to ride. With the interest of durability and repairability in mind, we have decided to use mountain bikes with steel frames and suspension forks. Rather than racks and panniers we will tow single-wheel trailers with suspension. There are all kinds of relevant trade-offs in the pannier vs. trailer debate but after exhaustive meditation and discussion we came to the inspired conclusion that trailers are the ticket for such a trip.

Since our budget is rather modest we are camping most of the time and taking advantage of home stays when available. We have lightweight tents, sleeping bags, alcohol camp camp stoves, and water purifiers. Not to mention a few layers of cycling duds. Main Equipment as follows:

  • CURTLO custom (Winthrop, WA) bicycle frames, made from Reynolds OX Platinum steel tubing and finished with an “almost edible” milk-chocolate-brown powdercoat (NOTE: the best-fitting bikes we have ever owned. Really.)
  • Rohloff 14-speed internal-transmission rear hubs
  • Cycling apparel provided by Mt Borah, including jerseys with custom Orphan Ride artwork
  • Official Orphan Ride T-Shirts by Eddy’s of Whidbey Island
  • Trailers with suspension to carry luggage
  • Big Agnes tents, sleeping bags and pads
  • Netbooks for keeping this blog up to date
  • Home-made “soda can” alcohol stoves
  • Ipods
  • GPS to compensate for our horrible sense of direction 8)
  • Digital Cameras (Randall: SLR, Andrew: Point and shoot)
  • ContourHD High Definition helmet cam



100% of proceeds to benefit orphans in southern India! Make a secure donation via PayPal.

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