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Chicago to Malabar Farm

Posted by on Aug 26, 03:04 AM
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In Chicago, we lingered. Only the oblique rays of the evening sun were enough to stir us from our temporary home in the city’s heart. It was, as it alway is, difficult to leave shelter and friendship for the exertions of days to come. But we did, in the end, and I would go so far as to say that sometimes, at least, it’s merely a matter of momentum: as soon as we’ve warmed our worn legs and found rhythm, time speeds up—through the forest of skyscrapers and across the anthill we raced, the city dwindling to interminable sprawl while we gathered impetus. In form and constitution Chicago continues well over the State Line into Indiana, like a great rash spread across the face of the earth.
We were separated, and reunited several hours later, and camped in a little park after evading a watchful policeman who might have objected to our choice, to sleep untroubled until roused by the early-morning dog-walkers of that neighborhood. Not long after a light breakfast of yesterday’s leftovers, while Michael Jackson was, I fancy, breathing his last effeminate breath, we sailed through his hometown of Gary Indiana; needless to say, we didn’t stop.
Indiana and Ohio passed without incident. En route we were entertained by several very kind hosts, among them an elderly couple who serenaded us with ragtime on the piano and kept us well fed, and a young fellow whom we came across accidentally while we were seeking hospitality in a local fire station. From there it wasn’t far to our next stop:
Malabar Farm Hostel and Inn.
Situated in the rolling countryside of Richland County, Malabar Farm Hostel is located on a working farm in Malabar Farm State Park in rural Ohio—it’s a lovely stay: highly recommended! The place was home to Louis Bromfield, American author and conservationist. Also, only a mile down the road is the Malabar Farm Restaurant – They serve up sumptuous food in a charming atmosphere. If you’re in the area, don’t miss out! The Forest Mushroom Soup followed by the Wild Mushroom Shrimp Pasta (with cream!) was particularly tasty. They also bake their own bread on the premises, and we were fortunate enough to have some straight out of the oven!

Also, a special thanks to Harbor Lights Food and Spirits and The Cookery Restaurant and Buffet for their patronage!


  1. Dear Brothers-on-wheels,

    My first question, looking at your site, is: how come one of you is some 960 km ahead of the other? I presume the answer lies in the beautiful French country side, and that we will know the answer when your story will cross the Atlantic…

    Secondly: Can you tell us something about the chapels you visit on the way?

    Thirdly: Take your time on the Emerald island, Ile of the Saints! I wish I could ride along with you in your trailers…. Don’t miss some of the famous monasteries, the High Crosses, the bee-hive huts, the Mass-rocks… Let me know in advance where you intend to be if that is possible…

    Fourthly: May the Holy Angels and all the Irish Saints meet you as you arrive on the hallowed ground!

    With my blessing,

    Fr D Couture

    Fr. Couture · Aug 26, 06:55 PM · #

  2. We’re glad to know that all is well. As we look at your map, we can recall the settings of the famous Dickens novels and the plays of Shakespeare. Recently, we learned about the history of the first seaclock on display in Greenwich (at 0 degrees longitude) Have you been there? Have a wonderful time in the UK, please say hello to our beloved religious and priests. Our prayers go with you.

    — DJ and JD in KS · Aug 27, 07:24 AM · #

  3. You are in our prayers! Please say a few for us in the holy places of the British Isles!
    Jim, Jamaica, James, Cecilia and new little Rita.

    — The DeLisles · Aug 29, 02:32 PM · #

  4. Fr. Couture, the reasons behind the distance deficit will be forthcoming, as you astutely presume. Randall also hasn’t updated his stats lately (Randall: hint, hint). We’re heading up the West Coast so if you know of anything that is a must see please forward the locations to us!

    Kansas friends, nope, didn’t visit Greenwich. You’ll see what we did see!

    DeLisles Family, joyful congratulations from us on your latest addition to the family. And, thank you for the donation for the orphans….!

    Andrew Leese · Sep 1, 08:27 AM · #

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